Our Values

It's our passion to create jewellery in an ethical and sustainable way and we strive for our jewellery brand and making to have as little impact on the environment as possible.


The Sylverling Workshop crafts and designs in and with 925 silver, I strive, whenever possible to work with recycled Sterling silver/Ecosilver. Ecosilver is a green alternative to Sterling silver and is of the same quality, yet it has the merit of being 100% recycled, traceable, and fully audited. I also work with Argentium Silver which is a purer silver than Sterling silver and Ecosilver. It is not only purer, it is certified as being produced only from recycled silver and it's also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for anyone with allergies to metals. Click here for more information.


A few of my designs may need to incorporate a certain amount of newly mined 925 Sterling silver or gold but I try to keep this to an absolute minimum and I will let you know when this happens. Click here for more information.


We never use harsh or toxic chemicals to create our pieces. 


There is no waste! Where we cannot recycle, we send our scrap metal to be recycled again.




I send out all jewellery purchased in kind to our planet recyclable and plantable packaging Click here for more information.


All the precious metals and semi-precious/precious gemstones I work with are as responsibly and ethically sourced as possible from trusted suppliers in the U.K. These suppliers are working hard to ensure best practices are met. They visit and build strong relationships with the workshops and factories where the gemstones are cut, and are confident that the people employed are treated well and fairly for the different countries they are based. 

There is an ethical issue within the jewellery industry when it comes to the gathering and mining of gemstones, diamonds and precious metals, (particularly gold) as they can all pass through many sources several times in their journey from earth to supplier. The suppliers I use work hard to ensure that there is traceability and working standards are met.


From an environmental stance, we must not forget that gemstones and precious metals form part of our living environment. Gemstones and metals are mined from under our earths crust, from miles under our oceans, glaciers, ice caps and reefs. By working with recycled silver, SMO Gold, recycled gold and Fairtrade gold, it reduces the need for new mining and where mining needs to continue, ensures traceability, a working towards fairer working environments, helping to build better communities and safer managing of the environment leading to a more ethical  and more sustainable jewellery industry.





We are over the moon to be working with SMO (Single Mine Origin) Gold. When you purchase SMO gold jewellery, you can be assured that the gold has been produced by a legitimate mining operation which holds no ties to conflict, where miners are being paid a just wage under secure employment. SMO strives to ensure that the communities living locally to the gold source are benefitting from sustainability initiatives carried out by the mining operation. Such initiatives include programmes centred on education, healthcare, safe drinking water and agricultural prosperity to support a wide number of people.


We also currently work with 100% recycled gold. The gold we work with comes from a trusted UK supplier who ensures that the recycled gold they supply carries none of the associated human or environmental problems that can sometimes be associated with mining. 

We will tell you which type of gold has been used in the making of one of our pieces of jewllery in the shop description section.


As stated earlier, I am registered as a goldsmith with the FairTrade Foundation. This allows me to buy and work with certified Fair-trade gold. The Sylverling Workshop supports FairTrade Gold. Building a secure future for miners, their families and communities.

The Sylverling Workshop makes every effort to handcraft silver jewellery in a way that keeps its carbon footprint small. We believe in slow fashion and in creating pieces that are of fine design and made to last.


For every jewellery purchase you make with us, five trees are planted. Not only will you be wearing an ethically made, unique piece of jewellery, but you will be helping to build forests and improve communities as well.

Photo credit: Eden Reforestation Projects and Ecologi